... Minot Housing Authority


Minot Housing Authority History

Minot Housing Authority's first board was appointed by the Minot City Mayor in 1970.


Minot Housing Authority will conduct ongoing analysis to determine the scope of need for additional low income housing opportunities in Ward County and North Central Region, North Dakota. If such needs exist we will endeavor to develop additional housing opportunities by:

  • Administering the Housing Choice Voucher Program to its fullest potential, maximizing the number of people served.
  • Filling voids not served by private enterprise.
  • Building or acquiring units to meet the housing needs of low income persons in our community.


Minot Housing Authority will administer housing programs to provide housing opportunities for those who, through no lack of effort (such as the elderly and persons with disabilities), cannot afford safe housing themselves. Administration will include:

  • Identifying the underserved segments of the population.
  • Operating and maintaining the existing public housing stock.
  • Administering the Low Income Housing Tax Credit Program.
  • Administering the Housing Choice Voucher Program.
  • Managing housing units owned or managed by the Minot Housing Authority.


MHA will work as a partner and resources with other community groups to develop and meet common goals by:

  • Building a rapport with other civic agencies.
  • Taking a leadership role in coordinating efforts.
  • Identifying voids in the availability of facilities or programs in our community and acting as a developer of facilities and services to meet clients needs. These programs may include daycare facilities, job training, homeless programs, emergency shelter, or temporary housing.
  • Providing resources to the community regarding housing issues.
  • Linking clients to public and private resources.
  • Active involvement and understanding of national issues by commissioners.
  • Commissioner's development of relationships with the city of Minot and other government officials.